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13 speakers

Enjoy sitting down with not one, but over a dozen godly women from across the nation, with years of ministry experience between them! Let them share exactly how they study the Bible with you.


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This power packed course contains 13 training videos with 30 minutes of practical and creative Bible study tips per speaker. No whimpy content here!

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Each speaker has included freebies like downloads, printable material, or templates for all the DIY gals to get busy!


Explore God’s Word Collection

13 Creative Ways To Study the Bible by SOJO* Society.

Here is what you get:

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Take a peek at these hot topics and incredible speakers!

  • Julie Varner: The Amazing Benefits of Reading Through the Entire Bible
  • Abby Rike: Encounter God Using the S.A.L.T. Method of Bible Study
  • Allie Trumpower: Creating an Easy, Fun, and Portable Ringed Prayer Journal
  • Sheryl Aeschliman: Simply Color©-The Art of Creative Bible Study
  • Alnesha Wilson: W.R.I.T.E. The Bite
  • Laura Krokos: The 7 P’s Bible Study Method

  • Christa Hutchins: Verse Cubing 101
  • April Knight: Worshiping God Through Scripturedoodling
  • Dianna Mills: Revitalize your devotional time by Bible Quilting® the Word
  • Christie Daugherty: Creative Bible & Sermon Notes
  • JoDitt Williams: 7 Simple Ways to Liven Up Your Bible Study with Color
  • Arabah Joy and Jen Evangelista: 3 Easy Ways To Level Up Your Daily Bible Reading Plan
Explore God's Word collective Simply Scripture speakers

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