…a retreat just for you.

Spend a day refreshing your soul and soaking in His word.

bloom personal retreat

Does any of this sound familiar?

Some things hold us back from seeking a community of christian women, other things hold us back from communing with Christ.

It’s not easy

Tickets are expensive. It’s never local. My schedule is crazy. I can’t relate to the speakers. I have a vibrant relationship with God ….but I want to get away from the daily grind and grow my faith.

I feel fake

Devotions are not fulfilling, my joy is non-existent, and the Bible seems like it doesn’t apply to my life. My plastic smile is wearing thin. I love God…but something has to change.

God seems distant

I go to church, pray, and try to live a good life, but I have this feeling like God just tolerates me…how can I thrive in my prayer life when God seems like He is a million miles away?

Imagine how refreshed your soul would be if you could spend unhurried time soaking in His truth?

I have created a place just for you, sister.


Bloom || A Simply Scripture Personal Retreat

Flourish in Christ and refresh your soul!

Here is what you get:

  • Access to five hours of deeply engaging, on-demand video messages sprinkled with humorous stories, challenging topics, and gut-level honesty. Each message will speak right to your heart, and give you practical wisdom to make your spiritual life thrive.
  • Your personal retreat box will arrive at your doorstep brimming with all the resources to make your personal retreat day special.
  • Your personal retreat box includes a Bloom mini workbook perfect for taking notes, a lined prayer journal, individual communion cup, guided prayer cards, specialty tea bag, 2″ macrame paper clip, scripture bookmark, silver pen, key-chain charm, sticker…and more!
  • … last but not least, you get to spend ONE entire day away from the daily hustle to focus on developing your faith. This will be an oasis for your soul!

This retreat is for you if:

  • …you love soaking in practical, biblical messages that will refresh your heart.
  • …you feel spiritually dry and need a fresh infusion of biblical insight and encouragement for your soul.
  • …crave a day-away to focus on growing your faith.
  • … a quiet, unhurried place to worship, pray, and really hear from God.
  • …you would like to have a beautifully curated box chock full of powerful biblical resources (and goodies!) show up on your doorstep!

This retreat is NOT for you if:

  • …you do not like the idea of taking a day to encourage your heart.
  • …you don’t see the need to grow deeper in your faith.
  • …you don’t like practical resources that will help you spiritually thrive.
  • …you are looking for fluffy material that isn’t challenging.
  • …you only like to have your ears tickled.
  • …you don’t want to have a box of encouraging, biblical resources, (and goodies) show up on your doorstep!

Meet Sheryl

Sheryl sprinkles humor and honesty into her three power-packed messages on blooming in the midst of spiritually dry seasons. Drawing from her many experiences as a mid-west farm wife, she shares down-to-earth life stories, and biblical encouragement for growing deeper in Christ. Sheryl shares practical wisdom through these topics titled: “Let The Dirt Do The Work”, “Managing Manure”, and “Born to Bloom”.

Emily Saxe

Meet Emily

Emily goes deep into the Old Testament book of Haggai to share her wisdom and wit on thriving when those mundane moments creep into the garden of your heart. She pulls out unique aspects of little-known Bible stories and makes them come alive with practical applications. Emily shines her light on the topics of “Growing Toward God”, and “Joyfully Blooming in The Mundane”.


Amazing and uplifting!

“What an amazing and uplifting experience! Emily and Sheryl’s love for Christ was evident throughout the retreat. Their message related to my life experiences and provided simple steps to help me build a stronger relationship with Christ.”
Kristen Z

Blown away!

“I found Sheryl on Facebook and began to follow her online Bible studies, which are always so in-depth. The first purchase I made was the Bloom Retreat Box and let me tell you, I was blown away. Not only did you get so much for the investment but also each item truly helped make my study more meaningful and enriching. I will be a lifelong follower.”
Traci G

Bold, fun & refreshing!

“Sheryl truly has a heart for God and His Kingdom work in women’s ministry. Her style of teaching is bold, fun, and refreshing. She uses the scripture to encourage, grow, and connect women to God. Get ready for God to tend to your heart in a very special way during this retreat!”
Rena S

…don’t miss this incredible opportunity to bloom!

We saved a seat at our table just for you.