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  • The Great I Am – Knowing God by Name


    Take off your shoes and walk for eight weeks onto sacred ground as you study the Hebrew names of God. Unearth the depth of His love, the strength of His open arms, and the everlasting mercy of His cross. It is in the darkest hours of unbelief and facing the unthinkable, when you can hear His still small voice. Lean in, my friend, take your shoes off, and rest in the vastness of your Father’s love. The Lord is calling your heart to be still and know Him.

    The Great I Am, Knowing God By Name is an 8 week in-depth Bible study on the Hebrew names of God. This study is designed for 5 days of homework. Each day will take approximately 30-45 minutes or longer depending how you interact with the material. Each day includes insights and scripture references for further study. Each week you have plenty of room to journal and take additional notes.


  • Simply Color - The Art of Creative Bible Study by Simply Scripture

    Simply Color – The Art Of Creative Bible Study


    Have you attended church your entire life, and yet feel lost the moment you open your Bible? Maybe you feel like a failure because everyone else seems to have a great devotional life while yours feels dry and lifeless? You are not alone. Rediscover the joy of your salvation, the beauty of the Gospel, and the God who loves you unconditionally through Simply Color.

    This unique and creative Bible study color code will not only help you find your identity in Christ, but also discover the nature of God. Color your way through your Bible in a whole new way by focusing on the gospel of truth. Simply Color will also encourage you to identify areas of sin, embrace the joy of obedience, and rejoice in His promises. (…and more!) Each day gives you step-by-step instructions on what to color and gives you insights on why the specific phrases are so important.

    Let Simply Color  reignite your passion for God’s Word! Join me as we journey through seventeen days of personal study using Simply Color ©. Watch how God can turn complex theology into simply faith with the swipe of a colored pencil.

  • Jesus Is Enough simply scripture bible study bundle set

    Jesus Is Enough- A Study in The Book of Colossians


    Has the treadmill of religion left you wondering if Jesus is enough? In the darkest night of the soul do you ask yourself, is God really good?

    He says you are held, complete, and blameless not because you earned it, but because you are in Christ. The Gospel is simple, and it not only washes a sinner clean, but releases a pharisee from prison. Join me on a this 5-week, verse-by-verse journey through the entire book of Colossians. Discover your identity in Christ, reignite your passion for Scripture, and experience the transforming power of the simple Gospel.

  • Beloved Stand - Jude Bible Study - Simply Scripture

    Beloved Stand – A Study in The Book of Jude


    Our culture cries for moral freedom and pushes the social norms to the limit. Do you struggle with watching sin creep into the pulpits and pews? It is crucial in this day and age to be centered on the truths of God’s Word, prepared to share the gospel, and be able to run to the front lines with grace on our lips.

    Do you know how to spot false teaching, or defend your faith in the face of a godless culture? This power packed 3-week study will take you on a journey through the mine fields of identifying false teaching and prepare you to stand firm on the truth of Scripture.

  • A Simple Word devotional simply scripture

    A Simple Word


    Have you ever flopped in bed at the end of a long day and realized you never cracked open your Bible at all? Do you ever stuff your spiritual life into a corner because of a packed calendar and stressed-out schedule? My friend, that is a symptom of a hurried heart. Are you looking for something simple to guide you on the go? Come away with this simple thirty-one day devotional workbook and quiet your soul.

    This handy spiral bound 6″×9″ thirty-one day devotional workbook can easily slide into your purse and go with you in the carpool line, waiting room or on your nightstand. It’s the perfect way to focus on one word from the Lord and go deep- even if your calendar is crazy.

  • Praying Scripture Psalm 103 Bible Study Simply Scripture

    Praying Scripture- Hearing The Heart of God Psalm 103


    Are you frustrated with your prayer life or is it non-existent? Do you struggle with what to say or feel like God isn’t listening? This 3-week verse-by-verse Bible study of Psalm 103 will help you learn how to pray scripture back to God with clarity, focus, and deeper meaning. Join me as we journey through Psalm 103 and embolden your faith by pursuing intimate conversations with His written Word. 

  • bloom personal retreat box Simply Scripture

    Bloom Personal Retreat Box


    Are you ready for your spiritual life to bloom? Do you need a day away from your daily grind to focus on growing a thriving faith in the midst of troubling times? Learn to flourish in Christ, bloom where you are planted, and equip yourself with spiritual tools to thrive! This 5-session video series by Simply Scripture and To Unearth will enrich your faith journey. Along with these online messages, a special retreat box will arrive at your doorstep chock full of creative resources to make your special day meaningful and memorable.

  • get a grip bible study workbook simply scripture

    Get A Grip – 10 Scriptures To Send Fear Packing


    Do you struggle with living in fear or anxiety? Whether it’s a season you are passing through, or these unwanted guests have been around forever, it is time to kick fear and anxiety to the curb. Over the next 10 days, you will discover how to name the problem, find the cause, identify the lie, and pray using Scripture. Without a doubt, this 4-step process will help you to get a grip on Scripture and let go of lies from the enemy. Are you ready to send fear and anxiety packing? Let’s go!

  • Refreshing Your Joy Praying Scripture Emily Saxe and Sheryl Aeschliman

    Refreshing Your Joy Devotional


    Refreshing Your Joy is a deep yet delightful 31-day prayer journey that not only encourages you to pray scripture, but also helps you beat the blues.

    How do we count it all joy in difficult life transitions? In friend conflict, worry, fear or sickness? The joy of the Lord is our strength in any and all situations, so finding joy must come from Jesus Himself. Which is why this 31-day prayer devotional overflows with Scripture helping you focus your mind and heart on joy through Jesus’ own words.

    Are you ready to learn how to use Scripture to refresh your soul with joy?

  • Without Ceasing devotional bundle

    Without Ceasing Devotional


    Are you ready to boldly pray for the next generation but feel stuck? Without Ceasing-Boldly Praying Scripture For The Next Generation is the perfect  devotional that will take your prayer life to the next level. Join Brenda as she guides you through thirty-one days of bold prayers, rich insights, and deep truth for the next generation.

  • In Paths of Righteousness Historical Fiction Novel

    In Paths of Righteousness


    David discovers something in common with a mysterious stranger―but what binds them together threatens to tear his family and community apart. Will he have the courage and determination to stand for what is right? Facing rejection in the greatest decision of his life, David must choose which path to follow: a religious tradition to live by or a faith to die for.

    In Paths of Righteousness gives a clear and distinct gospel message set in the early 1800’s as Christian historical fiction novel. This endearing story  makes a perfect gift idea for ages 12 and up, and is a great addition to any home or church library.