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Stacey Pardoe is passionate about equipping others to live purpose-filled, empowered lives. She lives in western Pennsylvania, where she is a writer, mother, mentor, and teacher with a master’s degree in education. A lover of forests and open skies, she enjoys hiking, camping, jogging, and chasing adventure with her three young children and her husband Darrell. Above all else, the love of Christ has forever captured her heart, and she is devoted to helping others encounter his relentless love. She writes weekly at

Wrestling with God in Prayer for Discernment Simply Scripture
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Wrestling With God in Prayer for Discernment

By Stacey Pardoe Dawn breaks with a lilac mist as I sit beside the window to watch the world awaken. I’m awake early today—before the patter of little feet and the requests for cartoons. I’m here to sort through a set of confusing circumstances and wrestle with God in prayer for discernment. Not long ago,…