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5 praying women in the Bible Simply Scripture
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5 Praying Women in the Bible

By Shannon Leibold Throughout history, women have a special place in the story of redemption. They are life-bringers, world-changers and truth-tellers. They bring warmth, wisdom and grace to relationships. They speak truth, engage in good deeds, and nurture the next generation. These mighty women have one thing in common: they are women of prayer.  While…

a simple 5 step method to rekindle your prayer life
Growing in Faith | Guest Author

A Simple 5-Step Method to Rekindle Your Prayer Life

By Shannon Leibold I squirmed in the pew as the pastor talked about the importance of prayer in the life of a believer. Not that I disagreed with anything he was saying – in fact, I would be quick to shout a hearty “Amen!” with all my Bible-believing, church going friends. The tension came in…